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When I speak my heart's desire it disappears
Like smoke on the wind
Ruby lips of wine
Wrap me in the fire of your heart
Bridges are burning
Revelations growing
This constant yearning
Can you tell me why everything's never enough

Can you hear me calling...

I'm just a man
I live here on this planet with you
I'm looking for a heart of gold to ride the night away
I used to watch you dance
Poetry in motion
I always though I could read your mind

Spirits of earth and song
Serenade me now for I am your child
Spirits of fire and rain
Burn these illusions and wash all these fears from our hearts
My one true love
Childhood friend
Clay in my hands
Sing me to sleep and awaken me after the end
Timeless desire
Endless quest
When I am weary
I fall in her arms and she whispers that Music's her name
Ruby lips of wine I want to fall
Into the fire of your heart
Ruby lips of wine tell me why
Everything's never enough
It's no one's fault
It's no one's fault that no one I've found is enough


Words and Music ©2000 James L. Parry   All rights reserved.

As recorded by the Shack Monks:
Vocals and sequenced arrangement - Jim Parry
Lead guitar - Bill Melvin
Rhythm guitar - Dave McPeak