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He came down out of Jerusalem
On a stallion he did ride
A pilgrim knight from the British Isles
Come to stem the Moslem tide
He found himself assigned with a noble quest
To find the wooden cross
And bring it back into Christian hands
No matter what the cost

And he thought of good king Arthur
As he lay in Avalon
Of Lancelot and Galahad
And the glory that they'd won
And he remembered all his comrades
Who were lost in the Crusades
And as he came down out of a mountain pass
He though he heard them say

We'll live again...

So he went to where the river Jordan flows into the Dead Sea and moved South along the shoreline until he came to the great catacombs where legend said the cross had been hidden. But before going into the hills to begin his search he looked back the way he had come and riding up swiftly through the salty waves was a band of Saracen soldiers. Though he knew he was greatly outnumbered, and they were intent upon his death, honour dictated that he stand and fight!

As he turned to face his enemy
He thought of his sweet wife
And how he'd brought her sadness
When he chose the soldier's life
And in his mind he traced the lines of her face
And he brushed the tears away
He knew she had the strength to live
And love another day

And he wondered of these Holy Wars
Were they wrong or were they right
Must religions write their histories
Through military might
And as he thought about his children
His lips formed a battle cry
And as he drew his sword out
He saw his future in their eyes

I'll live again...


Words and music ©2000 James L. Parry   All rights reserved.

As recorded by the Shack Monks:
Vocals and sequenced arrangement - Jim Parry
Lead guitar and the voice - Bill Melvin
Rhythm guitar - Dave McPeak