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Picking up my pen once more
Fearing thoughts that rise up from below
Connect the letters words are formed
They seem as empty as this pint of gin
My concentration's flickering
Like the light across the wall
The television beckons like a dream
All the men are trim and hard
All the women centerfolds
A mist is rising in my mind
Autopilot override

I pick my moments carefully
I party in exclusive company
I go to work and read my script
Walking through this old familiar play
A will of iron and caffeine
Drive me through another day
I try to make believe that I belong
Seminars computer screens
Management philosophies
I'd rather let my heart explode
Singing in some smoky bar

I never sought to be this man before you
I've walked across the coals and walked away
Phantoms from my life are all around me
As time just keeps on rolling like the sea
Woman hold me close these truths surround me
But creation always justifies it's end
Emotion like the wind is tearing through me
As destiny prepares to dance again

When the dreams of a lifetime are slipping away
And there's nowhere left to turn
Just keep hunting your future and don't let it fade
Let your soul drive the sorrow away...


Words and Music ©2000 James L. Parry   All rights reserved.

As recorded by the Shack Monks:
Lead vocal and sequenced arrangement - Jim Parry
Lead guitar, backing vocals - Bill Melvin
Rhythm guitar, backing vocals - Dave McPeak